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Voxel resolution effect on simulation behaviour

Hey guys!

I am doing an pyro explosion simulation, 

I am running the sim in lower resolution so I can iterate faster, I assumed that I can just increase the voxel resolution and get the smaller details to show up!! But when I increase the voxel resolution [ decrease the size from 1 to 0.5] the whole behavior of the simulation changes, it has become smaller in size

I had a similar problem when I increased the container size , I just pumped more gas [doubled it] into the container and got a similar result as I wanted, but now I have more than quadrupled the gas output but its not having the same impact.
any suggestion on how I should approach this? 
the lower resolution is where the wave rises taller and higher resolution is where is much shallow

higher voxe lresolution.jpg

lower voxel resolution.jpg

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this hsould be in 

General Houdini Questions

but quick answer is that it always happens when you decrease voxel size.

2 options:

*do tests in resolution closer to real one

*use volume upres dop with low res sim to ass resolution


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