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Compile Blocks- need 2nd compile begin


In the examples for compile blocks there are 2 'compile begin' SOPs. I also need a 2nd compile begin in order to omit incompatible nodes from being included in the block.

In the attached pic the null node on the left should be a compile begin node.

No matter what I try, am unable to do this without getting an error. "Violation of strict nesting of blocks" (see pic 2)




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In this case you also need a second begin block in the foreach loop ;) Sesi said they may change this in the future, but for now you need strict encapsulation of loops+compile blocks.

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No an extra foreach_begin between the compile_begin3 and copypoints2, set to "fetch input" probably ;)

Edit: or to get the complete idea, watch the video in the post below, its a good one I think :)

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What I do find is, if you need more and more compile begin block nodes, the gain of actually compiling the block decreases quickly,
to the point where the overhead is larger than the amount of time you save.
This of course depends on what you do in the loop. the more expensive the loop, the more useful it is to compile of course.
But if your compiled block contains exclusively attributeVops/Wrangles sometimes it is not worth compiling at all.

In your case I am pretty sure it will be worth to compile the loop, but I always like to compare the cook times afterwards using the performance monitor.

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