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[redshift] dancing pixels

In the attached short clip notice on just the left side of the statue the rim lighting is creating a ‘dancing pixels’ or animated noise effect.

These are all the relevant settings. What should I try changing to eliminate these dancing pixels in the rim lighting?

Unified Sampling
Min 8
Max 256
AET 0.005
Sample Filtering
Type Gauss
Size 2
Max Subsample Intensity 4
Max Secondary Ray Intensity 4

Global Illumination
Primary Brute force
Secondary IPC
Num Bounces 3
Brute Force Rays 512
Irradiance Point Cloud
Frames to Blend 0
Screen Radius 8
Samples per Pixel 32
Filter Size 2
Retrace Threshold 3

Photographic Exposure enabled
Tone Mapping Allowed Overexposure 0
DOF enabled (Use Houdini camera focus/fstop)

Light(for rim lighting)
Samples 16
Normalize Intensity enabled
Intensity multiplier 70
Unit Type Image
Luminous Efficacy 0
Shadow Enabled
Transparency 0


White Marble (material)


Weight 1

Roughness 0

Samples 16


Anisotropy 0


Fresnel Type Metalness

Reflectivity .04 .04 .04

Metalness 0



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