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Animated spin with bounce


I am trying to do something really simple and I am finding it to be quite hard.  I am trying to rotate a box so that it carries momentum and settles down naturally as if it had mass.  I have included a .hip file where I have attempted to do this manually but it is not the best.  I am struggling to get the animation editor to behave and I have to keep closing and reopening Houdini as the Animation editor and the viewport are not marrying together.  If anyone knows why this is or if there is a better way of doing this, (I have tried motion fx (spring)/chops but it failed miserably) I would be very appreciative.  I have come a long way in this wonderful program but for some reason the animation editor feels really clunky in comparison with the rest of the program and I don't know if it's something I am doing wrong.




dampened animation.hip

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um no expert at all but can you not do something like time * 0.05 in the rotation channel or something so that it slows down?

chops should do it in all honesty i'm not sure why that isn't working effectively?

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