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why no distributed simulation exists for pyro?

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not expert here...I can use pyro clustering to divide sim into smaller/independent containers/clusters. In this case, each cluster runs on a different machine and no communication occurs between clusters (i.e. no transfer of vel/density/... between volume boundaries). However, I find this very limiting because clusters could be intersecting and the same volume could be simulated by different machines! for example: a spherical explosion expands quickly to cover the same volume, so clustering based on fuel source is not really useful  

My question: Why there is no distributed simulation in Pyro similar to FLIP distributed simulation? meaning: why cannot I divide my container into fixed size volumes such that each volumes communicate with each other to transfer density/vel/temp? I've seen this concept in FumeFX too, so it's technically possible?


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Hmmm..I know I can distribute pyro clusters using HQueue, but since clusters don't communicate with each other, I assumed this is it, meaning if I were to use pyro clusters with HQueue, then I would get these independent sims...but you're right, there might be another way than clustering that does what I am talking about?! Will check the documentation then, OR if anyone can confirm that this feature exists please let me know :) 

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