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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, just a quick question. I have deforming fractured object and I want to release it's pieces gradually. One possible way to do that is: create RBD Packed Object with Overwrite Attributes from SOP enabled then adjust active and deforming attributes in SOPs This way works well but I noticed that even when all pieces are static simulation runs slowly. Faster way seems to use Static Object to refference to static pieces. And in SOPs delete activated pieces and these activated pieces add into empty RBD Packed Object. It is faster as Bullet doesn't seem to simulate Static Object and use it only as collider. When I do the same with Attributes Overwrite way it is much slower. Am I missing something or it is normal? First solution seems to be more elegant and simple. But slower unfortunately. Thanks, Juraj
  2. Hello everyone I have got a sphere activating fractured geometry by going through it. I am using a foreach node with a centroid expression inside to add point to each piece which is then activated by the sphere via attribute transfer. Then I am using a point expression on a activevalue in the DOP to activate the pieces by the colour that the sphere transfers to the points. I want to know how to make the pieces that activate stay activated forever without deactivating once the sphere is gone. Any ideas? Thanks. activate_pieces.hipnc
  3. Hello, I have a geometry created by "scattering" cubes over a surface. And now trying to apply forces on the cube in sequential manner (small groups of cubes get simulated one after another). Please see attached image. Right now, I am using a Box SOP (step animated) in mask field for activation of groups. However, it seems to be having some issues. Due to the mask being animated, once the activated bunch goes out of the box, they don't follow the settings in forces. I started to somehow fix it by setting box sizes or thinking that "nested masks" could help (if there is such thing). But then I may be looking into wrong method for this effect. I am reading about the Activate DOP to achieve this and looking for more suitable examples. The goal is to activate simulation on surface of cubes based on inclusion in some arbitrary shaped mask box (active if inside the box). The shape of mask box will be changing over time. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks **Note : I am at beginner level in Houdini. **