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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, (edit on the title: object cannot be hooked) I have a question regarding the autorig in Houdini, I am quite new for Houdini so I encountered some problems here. I want to have a fire shaped from a hand. In my mind, this is the steps that I want to do : 1. Put the autorig on the hand model (because I want the fingers to be moving and such) 2. Put the pyro flame on the rigged hand However, I got stuck on the first step. I tried to put the autorig on the hand model but Houdini says that the object cannot be hooked up or so. I also do not really get this 'hook' meaning. I tried to look at some tutorials but all of them look so easy to put the autorig on so I have no idea what went wrong here. At first I though because it is high poly but when I reduced it, it is still the same. Is it that the model is not good for the autorig, or is there something else going on? I use the Houdini 12.5 and I attached my hand model so maybe someone can try and help me out. Also another question, can I actually put the pyro effect on a rigged model? if so, how? because I tried with the toon model that is in Houdini and Houdini gave me an error when I put the toon character with the flame effect. So want to make sure before I go further with this concept. Thank you! hope someone can help me hand.hipnc