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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I am trying to project a texture onto an UV unwrapped object through the projection camera and then bake the projected texture on the original object UVs. However, when I do it, the uvtexture node gives me new UVs used for projection than the original object UVs. I would appreciate any tips how can I bake it out on the original object UVs. I attached my setup in a file below. Many thanks for any tips! uvprojectionbake.hip
  2. Hi everyone! I have a moving camera projecting an image sequence on a fractured mesh. What I'd like to do is keep projecting each frame to each fractured part until they get activated. Finally, the active pieces should have projected the image from the last frame before activating. Do you know some way to implement this? Since uv's have to be projected before running the sim it hasn't occurred me how to do that. [Edit] I've managed to solve the problem. If someone face the same problem here is the solution I've found: 1- Project UV from camera before RBD 2- Run the sim 3- Import it with "transform input geometry" and plug in the original fractured geometry with the material (image sequence) applied. The uv's will remain the same but the material will keep updating seamlessly with the background. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve a tricky problem in Houdini, and I could use some help! I need to project my live action plate onto some 3D dummy geometry and essentially bake down every individual frame. Essentially what I'm trying to produce is a 3D representation of my scene using the live action images as a diff map, because each projection should either overwrite or paint in new areas of the scene. My geo matches the scene and the camera is tracked and solved from the plate and matches well. The shot doesn't include any moving objects so we don't have to worry about that. I have experimented with the sop solver, the bake texture rop, and material layers, but I haven't quite made a breakthrough just yet - as these are concepts that I don't have very much experience with. Any guidance or suggestions will be very welcome! Many thanks
  4. Hi guys, cause SesiWeb is off at the moment and maybe someone here can help too, i need to post this here. i am experimenting with camera projection and get stuck. I have a sequence that i try to project on my fractured ground and i dont know where tu put the uv texture and/or the restpos so that it does not swimm and stick to the pieces. - i tried before and after the voronoi and with and without rest but nothing worked. when i uv texture after dopimport it looks good but does not stick to the fractures - if i tried before it lookes like the sequence keeps staying on first frame.. so here is the file and if somebody needs the sequence you can dl frames 35-55 (which is my current workrange) here: http://www.zipl.de/24fps_calgaryGrass.rar i hope you can light me up - if there more questions let me know, thanx. #Heavy
  5. hi there. I´m doing some camera projection. I already did my camera matching, and now I want to project some parts of the image over the UVs of the object, so I add a UV Texture SOP, with the option "Perspective from camera". Now, as I want to retouch and fix some of those projected textures, I would need to bake those projections over ANOTHER UV. So, how do I do this? Do I use the "UV Render Object" on a Mantra node? How do I tell it to use another UV Mapping to bake the camera-projected UVs on? I´m sure many people has solved this before...
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