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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to spread this around so that we can maybe stop this person I have been contacted through Vimeo messaging system by a user under the name of TutsPlusLevel who is trying to sell CGWorkshop courses through his account and making a business out of it. This is what he wrote to me: Dear my Friend We are offering a great stuff related to Houdini Study by selling for you a great courses with a perfect price so you can follow it and learn more from it. So we have 4 great courses related to houdini from cgsociety but with good price for each one. You can choose what you like. 1. Fluids FX Using Houdini ( DYNAMIC FX |3D WORKSHOP ) cgsociety.org/training/course/fluids-fx-using-houdini Price 250$ 2. VEX In Houdini (DYNAMIC FX |PROGRAMMING WORKSHOP) cgsociety.org/training/course/vex-in-houdini Price 250$ 3. Houdini PyroFx in Film Production (DYNAMIC FX |MOTION GRAPHICS WORKSHOP) cgsociety.org/training/course/houdini-pyrofx-in-film-production Price 250$ 4. Destruction in Houdini (DYNAMIC FX |3D WORKSHOP) cgsociety.org/training/course/destruction-in-houdini Price 250$ 5. Take all of the 4 courses with a great price (800$) If you are intresting we can let you know about the payment account then you will have your privet download link for the courses. Also This is not official from cgsociety but we are helping students getting the courses with less prices. Also we will add you to our list to keep update you with our new courses . Thank you. tutspluslevel@gmail.com I know pirating tutorials is a bad thing but there is no way of stopping that. But somebody selling pirated tutorials to make a business out of it, it's just wrong and despicable. I hope we can somehow stop this, I'm also going to contact CGSociety because this is a terrible thing to do. I am a VFX artist myself and I would hate it if my work was to be sold illegally and a somebody would make a profit out of my work.
  2. Link: CGWorkshop-- VEX in Houdini The course starts August 4th and runs for 8 weeks. I'm going to start out covering the basics of VEX, then we'll move on to some really fun projects. It's going be a good mix of visual effects related coding and really fun generative art. Check out the outline on the course website and if you have questions, ask away. I love teaching with Houdini as my blackboard, so I hope that comes across in the lessons. I want this course to kick ass; the world is full of boring programming classes and we don't need another! Happy Houdini'n -Shawn PS: XSI gals and guys, wanna learn VEX? I think I know a way... PS:PS: "Houdini'n" - is that a word yet. Can I say that?
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