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Found 5 results

  1. Construct a Circle from 3 Points (this section is not clear in Houdini documentation.. any advice? i need ui controls explain not codes Step by step please i am beginner https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/circle.html [www.sidefx.com]
  2. I managed to avoid this problem, but I'm still curious about suggestions how to do this in Houdini. On a 2D plane, I needed to tightly "pack" a bunch of circles of differing sizes ("pack" in the sense of bringing as close as possible, without overlaps). Each circle has its own "id" and the "id" of its "best friend", that is, the most preferred neighbor (see pic below). The goal is to pack the circles in as small a space as possible, while minimizing the sum of distances between all "friends". The Point Relax SOP doesn't really address this problem: it spreads the circles around, but doesn't optimize distances between "friends". One solution could be an RBD sim: spread the discs around, lock them to the plane, give each one a "force" towards its friend, and run several sims with different starting positions, and pick the best result. I managed to avoid this by having equal circles in a hexagon formation (bottom pic), and simply assigning "friend ids" to adjacent circle pairs. But if anyone sees some other approach to the original problem, I'd love to hear it.
  3. Hey magicians, Been fighting with an icecream for some days now, main issue is that I can't create the curve-countercurve / wavy part on top, first I tried manually with zbrush and get feedback that should be more prolix, like in the references then I tried making some basic shapes and vdb stuff in houdini but I still cant achieve the look, maybe with some sin/cosine stuff on a circle? I'm getting crazy Some references @f1480187 please save my day wizard Cheers
  4. Hey everyone, I am in the process of creating a digital asset and its basic building block is a circle. First I have the user plot three points in 3D space. And from these 3 points which form a triangle, I am creating a circle that circumscribes this triangle. The algorithm I have so far from gathered resources are below; 1.) calculate the normal vector to the triangle formed by the three user-defined points. 2.) use a reference plane into which this triangle will rotate onto, say the XY plane 3.) rotate the three points into this reference plane after calculating and building a rotation matrix 4.) find the center of the circumscribing circle from the three points 5.) calculate the radius of the circle which is easy 6.) build the circle on the reference plane 7.) build a reverse rotation matrix to rotate the points back to the original plane I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but the code I have so far works only if the points lie on a plane in 2D space. The minute the points have values in the 3'rd dimension, it gets wonky. I'm also not sure if the rotation matrix in Houdini does the rotation about the origin or about the pivot of the three points. I can share the code to take a look at it. If anyone has any solutions or suggestions, kindly let me know! Much appreciated!
  5. Hi, everybody. I have to ask a newbie question. I want to get a geometry when the first circle have three point,and the second circle have five point, the third have seven. So what function can i used in value by copy node stamp inputs. Thanks you! circle_cpoy.hip