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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there Everyone. So I had this strange issue today that I thought others might be having so I wanted to share the Solution to it. Check the image below for the error in the DOPS Constraints Network node. So the reason this is happening is because of this highlighted field below which is allowing the Re-importing of your constraints. Now if you are getting this Error it can be on ether your fractures or your Constraints but the one method will work for both. So the issue for me was on my fractures. What I found was that it had to do with the file cache its self and the constraints not being able to read in my Fractured Pieces. This is because I cached my Pieces out on Frame 1 and on frame 2 it could not find the file (i.e Roof_Fracture_001.bgeo.sc). So all I did was add a Time shift and it sorted out my issue. EXAMPLES... So below is the fractured pieces on frame 1 (The cached frame). Now this is the same file on the Second Frame. As you can see it is throwing out errors and it is just saying that it cannot find the file to read in. So all I did was add a Time Shift, set the End cap to 1 (The frame number of my cache) and all was alright. The image below is for a low res test I was doing while I was trying to find the Problem. So I hope this has helped you in some way. Have a great day. Jody