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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am modelling a lid of jar for a project and it needs a twisted cut in lid. I am using cookie sop. Its cutting neighboring primitives too. Is their an alternative to do it or fix it? I have attached a hip file in case any one wants to have a look at it. Thanks in advance. cookie_error.hip
  2. Hi, I am trying to create the geometry left out after a voronoi cut plane offset on a planar geometry (box 2d voronoi). At first I thought this could easily be achieve with cookie but cookie is indeed very unreliable giving me sometime ok results and sometimes disastrous ones like the one I posted here. You can see my hip so far now...which works but like I mention the cookie makes the set up too volatile. Anyone knows a better way to get the geometry left out by the cut plane offset function? groundBreackV01.hiplc
  3. Hi all: I am doing a project, but I got an issue.i want to use voronoi fracture sop to a cookied geometry,but there is some error about the result. here is a simple test with a cookied tube. can you give me some advice ? thank you all Cookied_Geo_Fracture.hip