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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, Could you any of you please help how to setup frustum culling or geo/obj culling based on bbox intersection with a given cube/box/sphere? Please let me know if you guys can help me out? Appreciate your time! Cheers!
  2. hi all, This is a bread and butter problem, solved in many different ways....remove (cull) the outside piece primitives after a "Boolean Fracture". Ive been looking for a simple and fast VEX solution (not... for-each loop nodes) I found one that seems in the right direction as I love its simplicity. (was trying this in detail mode) If anyone has other or a more elegant VEX solution I would love to explore it, cheers int insides [] = expandprimgroup(0, "inside"); int outsides[] = expandprimgroup(0, "outside"); foreach(int inside; insides) { int success; string insideName = primattrib(0, "name", inside, success); foreach(int outside; outsides) { string outsideName = primattrib(0, "name", outside, success); if(insideName == outsideName) { setprimgroup(0, "inside", inside, 0, "set"); setprimgroup(0, "outside", inside, 1, "set"); setprimattrib(0,"Cd",outside,set(1,0,0),"set"); //small test using the colour break; } } } as usual any help appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I've searched for a while and can't find the answer for Houdini 16. How to fine-tune control while viewing small objects? In my case it's a thin cord that is 2 meters long. Even Ctrl-Alt dragging to make a box actually shows nothing within the drawn box. So basically I'm asking how to remove automatic culling of close-up primitives?
  4. I'm trying to set up point-cloud occlusion. Therefore, I need to turn the culling off. As always, I have added corresponding attributes to the geo node: "Cull Shading Of Occluded Surfaces" (ri_cullshadehidden), "Cull Shading Of Backface Surfaces" (ri_cullshadebackface) and set them to off. But when I render and generate point cloud, these surfaces are obviously culled: In the generated rib file, there are the following lines: Attribute "cull" "bool backfacing" [0] Attribute "cull" "bool hidden" [0] Attribute "dice" "int rasterorient" [0] [/CODE] For some reason, Houdini outputs these 2 attribs as "bool" type, while they must be of "int" type. If I manually edit the file replacing "bool" with "int" and render it, point cloud is created as expected (with backfacing surfaces present). How do I fix it inside Houdini? Maybe, I've got some setting missing? Houdini 12.5.469 prman 15.1
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