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Found 2 results

  1. Pyro Dissipate by Volume??

    Hi Everyone. This question is twofold. Firstly I want to create a gas dissipate field that affects only a certain region. For instance, I have a volume source that transfers velocity to the lower third of a cloud. I want to affect the dissipation only in the specific area that the cloud is being blown away but not affect the rest of it. Is there a way to keep the cloud whole with exception to the area that is being blown away/ Secondly I am wondering if there's a way to apply multiple solvers to the same smoke object? I have been searching online but not finding anything substantial. All help welcome. Thanks.
  2. Micro solver mask

    Hi again, I have an explosion being sourced by particles. I have a gas dissipate micro solver to make the fuel dissipate faster because too much fuel is lingering after the explosion. However, I also have another source of fuel which is for the fire that keeps burning after the explosion has ended. My problem is that I only want the fuel from my particles to dissipate and not my fire fuel. Can I somehow limit the gas dissipation to only affect one of my fuel sources while my other fuel source remains untouched? Thanks in advance! Edit: Should the fire be a separate pyro solver? If so, how can two pyro solver affect eachother?