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Found 2 results

  1. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    Hi guys ! I'm trying to make a afterburner, jet gas exhaust effects, but I'm struggling right now. I looked at the Pyro Jet Exhaust HDA from SideFX (https://www.orbolt.com/asset/SideFX::pyrojetexhaust). I opened it and look how it works but I still can't understand. There is no combustion, no flames, no smoke, is it just fuel/gas ? If this so, how can I make it collide with an object ? Like when a rocket beginning to launch, the afterburner collide with the floor. Thank you for your help guys
  2. Exhaust Turbo Flame

    Hello there! I'm specialized in 3D animation, I work in Cinema 4D at the moment, but I'm a total beginner in VFX. I'm currently animating a car for a personal project, and wanted to try out Houdini for effects like flame, smoke, etc. I'm trying to learn the way the software work, but I still don't comprehend most of it, hence I'm asking for your help. Joined to this post is a hardware render of the animation of the exhaust of the car, and my trouble at the moment, is that I would like to make a flame to come off the exhaust at the end of the animation (some kind of turbo effect). The car (which contains this exhaust) rides along a spline, and I would like the flame to react to the direction of the car, its momentum, etc. Ideally I would place the flame inside the muffler of the exhaust, so that we can clearly see the flame coming out of it, But at the moment I have no idea how to make a flame follow a piece of geometry. I was planning to use the alembic file type from C4D to Houdini to import my scene with its animation (still on R16, I don't have the Houdini engine included) but then again I have no idea what is the best file type to export the simulation from Houdini. I'm using C4DtoA (Arnold Renderer) so I guess Open VDB? Most of these questions must be really basic and I'm sorry about it, but if you have the time to answer, I would be really thankful! TRIAL_EXHAUST_02.mov