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Found 2 results

  1. I have a simple helicopter rig where I animate the rotation of the rotor blade. On frame 1, the value is 0, and on frame 60, it's 52000. https://i.imgur.com/hepgoiG.png Everything works correctly in Houdini. However, when I import it via FBX character import into 3ds Max, Maya, or back into Houdini using Filmbox FBX (it doesn't matter), the result is the same. The animation values do not start from 0 to 52000 but from 0 to 9520. If I animate the keys differently, for example, using 64354 on frame 60, the values will be different but still not matching. https://i.imgur.com/4bNjeue.png https://i.imgur.com/SbQVOo1.png I tried manually setting the keys and baking them, but the result is still incorrect. Everything else in the rig works correctly. I also created a rig using just a box and rotated it using rigpose, but the result is also incorrect. It seems that the issue lies either in the export process or with how the rigpose animation works with larger values. I need the rotation value data to set up motion blur in 3ds Max. Additionally, in another shot, there is slow motion, and it's important for all values to match correctly so that I don't have to animate the rotor blades separately in 3ds Max. Interestingly, the blade's position matches after the export, but the actual value decreases in some unknown logic - https://i.imgur.com/LWFtDbM.gif Before the export, in the second frame, the value is 881.356. Afterward, it becomes 161.356 (which is 360 + 360 + 161.356). It reduces by a full 2 rotations. In the fourth frame, before the export, the value is 2644.07, and after, it's 484.068. At this point, I can't see any logic behind it.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm struggling since days with something should be in my opinion simple, but can't find a solution. I have a Cube in Houdini with transform keyframes, basically moving and rotating, which I want to export as an FBX to import it in Unreal Engine. When I check the FBX I export on other softwares, it works perfectly. But Unreal Engine doesn't read the animation, it always import it as a static mesh with an animation that is not moving. When importing to Unreal I create a skeletal mesh and import exported animation frames. And afterwards I select "use animation asset" in the mesh and select the animaiton but doesn't work. I know sounds very simple but I'm going crazy and been reading tons of threads but can't make it work. Any support would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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