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Found 3 results

  1. I'm working on my first ever crowd and I'm trying to use the Look At node to make agents in a certain area look at an object. However, I noticed that unless I check the "Enable look at" in the crowd solver node, nothing happens (even if I use an "Look at apply" node). On the other hand, whenever I do check the "Enable look at" (even before I plug in the actual Look at node and specify the object), all of my agents heads turn and twist a bit. I tried using the group to limit that twisting, but to no avail - it seems like the group actually looks at the object, and all the other guys get changed just a bit. I don't want that! I want the heads of the guys outside of the area to remain normal, without the random twists. The fault is for sure not in the group. I tried both the shelf tool and the node.
  2. Hi Guys, Spent nearly 3 hours looking for the simplest of things. I just want to to find a way to parent a cameras target point to a null so I can rotate the null (lets say placed in the center of the dancer) and have the camera rotate around her with a locked point of view. I tried the look at in the constraints to parent but it won't work with rotation at all - only position. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Matt
  3. H14 crowd looking at an object

    Hi guys I'm using Houdini 14.0.335 and I am trying to get a crowd to look at an object I created the default crowd and Ihave tried using the shelf tools for Look at but the head doesn't turn to face the object, getting them to look at a position but that doesn't work too Thank you! Ronald