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Found 3 results

  1. WhirlPool Attempt

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you could give me some guidance on a whirlpool simulation ive been working on. I can submit the file if anybody would like to look at it that would be awesome. I guess the main problem im having is determining how high of quality i need to make everything. For my project in school we are using maya and arnold. I have the Rop output nodes setup and i think i have a feel for how to convert it to an alembic and importing it to maya from there. Any tips that anyone can provide would be great. whirlpool_v021.hipnc
  2. Maelstrom

    Hi, all. I've been studying Houdini. I wanna make a maelstrom(whirlpool) effect by using flip. I checked following forums, page and video, and tried several times. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/5560-maelstrom/?hl=whirlpool http://forums.odforce.net/topic/13044-how-to-approach-this-effect-in-houdini/ https://vimeo.com/151110546 http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_60b3e1ab0102w5s6.html but it doesn't go well. someone any help? Sorry for my poor English. I attach my file. maelstrom_test_v003.hip
  3. Hello all, I am trying to simulate a swirling maelstrom kinda like from Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Link here: At first I though "Well, this can't be that hard can it?" and low and behold I am completely stumped... I've got an advice to do the same thing that ILM did with theirs which is to deform all force vectors to point to origin (or inwards) and then simulate the whirlpool in very shallow water and deform the resulting mesh. Thing is that I dont know how to do this. I know VOP POP and vector forces and I know in theory what I need to do but I have no idea how to do it with VOP POP. Also I am open to other ideas on how to achieve this. At this point anything would be better than what I have (a spinning mass of fluid with no swirls....). I tried adding popaxis force and spinning the fluid but it did not have any swirls. I have also tried using Vortex force but the same thing happened (maybe im just doing something wrong). I am a bit new to houdini (been watching tutorials for past week or so) but I feel like any advice no matter how complicated would help a lot.