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Found 14 results

  1. Why my cloud push away in the few final frame?~ my velocity field is not change direction~~~~~ Thank you~ cortex_cloud.mp4
  2. Hi everyone!!! Started to study houdini. I have separate elements with velocity setup as I want, but couldn't find a way to add any one of them to drive flip fluid. How can I add a velocity of the mesh or curve or the volume to the flip fluid? Or maybe someone can share a tutorial about how it works? In the end trying to create a chocolate swirl or vortex. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm doing a project for a short film; and I am trying to create a water vortex. I looked into a few resources creating custom vector sources etc but I realised that I am having trouble using my custom vector source to drive a (basic) FLIP simulation. Do you have any alternative ideas that I could explore? Cheers.
  4. Hey! I'm looking into a way of keeping my volume inside the vortex boundaries, at the moment when it spins it goes out, any idea? I was thinking about a torus shape volume around it with custom velocities to push it inside when it goes out, but maybe there are better solutions! cheers!
  5. Hi all, I found this awesome setup for creating a vortex around a line by using point cloud data but its being created using a POPVOP in a dopnet. Would anyone know of a more updated method? I'm mainly wanting the great velocities from the base that spiral up the line. Any info or setups would be great to see based on the file. Thanks! tornado_v01.hip
  6. Hi, I am currently creating a simulation with flip fluids that are affected by a vortex force. I need the velocity/lift attributes to be animated independently throughout the simulation, though no matter how I set the settings for either the sop geometry, or vortex force operator, the values will not change throughout the simulation. What is the proper method for animating these attributes for use in dops? Thank you,
  7. greetings! i've been tasked with creating a falling handkerchief that lands on a head, completely covering the face. it's 85% of the way there, but the last 15% is eluding me. found a few good resources here on odforce and the net, but now i find myself in a "guess drop position + resim" loop. i haven't done much cloth before, so i'm not certain if that is what it comes down to in some situations. i'm looking for any techniques to direct how the cloth falls and ensure it lands on the face. brief summary of what i've tried: - if i position the cloth geo above the head, landing the cloth on the face is easy enough. however, then it's just a boring, flat square falling until it deforms with the face. - to add detail while falling, i created a constraint that pinches and spins the corners together before dropping. i like the details it creates, but find the pinching turns the cloth into a shuttlecock. when the cloth contacts the head it doesn't unfurl nicely, just kind of hits and slides off. - turned the pinch constraint off and used a vortex force to generate spin on the falling cloth. definitely a step in the right direction, good detail and motion. the issue now is i don't know how to land the cloth without guessing at an initial drop position and constantly resimming. - made an attempt at using a pre-sim'd cloth as the embedding/rest/target geo in the cloth object node. no progress there, although i'm not sure if i'm using those settings properly. if there are any fabric wizards out there, i'd eternally appreciate any wisdom on how to add natural motion to a falling cloth and still have it land in a specific location. thanks! handkerchiefFace_haveahapyday.zip
  8. Hi! I'm having huge problems creating a scene in maya: I have to create an animation of a set of sheets of paper that runs along a curve around an object like a kind of magic. Is there anybody who could tell me what kind of pipeline I have to adopt or who could give me some advice on how to approach to the problem? For now I have approached the scene using first ncloth on a single sheet of paper, after which I created a vortex field but does not allow any kind of control of the mesh. So I tried to bind the sheets to a curve with the attract mesh but even here I did not succeed. "Help me Obi Wan you're my only hope" many thanks Lorenzo
  9. Hello all, I am trying to simulate a swirling maelstrom kinda like from Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Link here: At first I though "Well, this can't be that hard can it?" and low and behold I am completely stumped... I've got an advice to do the same thing that ILM did with theirs which is to deform all force vectors to point to origin (or inwards) and then simulate the whirlpool in very shallow water and deform the resulting mesh. Thing is that I dont know how to do this. I know VOP POP and vector forces and I know in theory what I need to do but I have no idea how to do it with VOP POP. Also I am open to other ideas on how to achieve this. At this point anything would be better than what I have (a spinning mass of fluid with no swirls....). I tried adding popaxis force and spinning the fluid but it did not have any swirls. I have also tried using Vortex force but the same thing happened (maybe im just doing something wrong). I am a bit new to houdini (been watching tutorials for past week or so) but I feel like any advice no matter how complicated would help a lot.
  10. Hey! I'm trying to replicate an fx like this one, flip fluid (water in my scenario) creating a vortex...just wondering if anyone has an idea on where to start from, examples, hints... thanks a lot!
  11. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last time I posted here because I was a little off from doing FX, but now I'm back on learning and stomped on some difficulties trying to do some collisions, flip and RBD simulations. The problem is that everything goes fine until a certain frame and the next one everything is exploding. I'm not sure if I'm not feeding the proper collision to the simulation or if the external forces override the movement of the particles rather when collision with a geometry takes places. A brief description of what I want to do is to achieve somewhat this kind of effect: -Water being pulled updwards, colliding with an object and continue the fluid simulation motion from there I'm attaching the .hip, some screenshots and a reference for what I want to do. Thanks a lot for taking a look and if someone can point me in the right direction I will be very grateful. Cheers! kamigawa_v002.hip
  12. Hi all, Am testing/playing with some vortex setups, and came across this super tornado thread w/ scene files that I've been using as a solid starting point: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/13344-creating-simple-tornado-motion-using-pointcloud/ I started to emit points from various sources/shapes, and had the idea to try and get the rising points to not conform to a circle around the vertical curve, but rather maintain the emission shape while funneling up & with an increasing radius. I've tried using a curve force for this & have got results close to hat I'm going for, but the particles always seem to want to confirm to a tight circle around the vertical curve rather than the base shape & funnel outwards. Would anyone have any tips of how to create a custom 'perimiter' for the particles to rise around so they adhere closely the base shape while the vortex gradually increases in radius? Any tips or nudges in right direction much appreciated as always. vertical_outward_vortex_test_001.hip
  13. Hi! I'm trying to make a custom vortex force from gasFieldVop in a dopnetwork. I'm nearly successful, but no matter what, i can't change the center of my vortex... I'm getting the P value and substracting from it a constant vector, which should be my vortex's center position (those two values are first set to 0 in Y), then i use this vector in two parts: - one for the tangential force, by a cross product with an (0,1,0) vector - and itself for a "spread" from center force. But no matter what i put in my custom constant center, it seems the vortex always use the center of my volume... I've tried to change the P value with a transform node, but i'm not quite used to it so maybe it have nothing to do with that... Does anyone knows what could be wrong? Thanks a lot if anyone can help!
  14. I have been at this project for a while now and am so sick of this not working. I just can't seem to make the tornado spin around the right way and be more directed by the particle movement. Can someone tweak this and give it back or merely give some suggestions based on the file? That would be awesome! Description: Particles emitting from circle based on surfaces. Volume from Tube for velocity input. Made normals controller to direct toward center of tunnel and down. Emitting fluid from particles using pyro solver from the billowy smoke shelf tool. Thanks so much!! Tornado with fluid_fuel try3.hip
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