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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I have a very basic task but no idea how to execute it. I have generated a fractal mesh that for the most part is a solid object that is about 12 million polys. But it contains a lot of geometry internally too. I have selected the outside polygons and selected all the connected faces and then blasted the geometry not attached to the main geometry. This took down the poly count a lot to about 8 million polys however there is still a lot of internal geometry connected to the object that I would like to remove. To put what i need to do into an analogy to help you understand I would describe it like this. I want to get a sort of shrink wrapped version of my object so it only contains the geometry of the main object and all the internal stuff will be gone. Does that make any sense? What I thought to do would be to convert the object to a vdb and subtract that vdb from a box vdb to get the main bulk of the object subtracted from the volume invert that volume and mesh it but am wondering if there is another way since working with vdbs is not too accurate and takes a lot of processing power.
  2. Hi guys! So, I'm working on a project where we have to render short animation of a Mandelbulb. The Entagma tutorial worked like a charm in this case, but there is no explanation of how to do the mandelbulb animation I did some research , and I found this link, talking about how to add a phase variable, with a new function, to make the animation work. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this in vex? Here is the function: http://www.fractalforums.com/videos/3d-mandelbrot-set-phase-shift-animations/ My hipfile is attached Mandelbulb.hipnc
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