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Found 3 results

  1. is there anyone to know the workflow of pcopen and iterate with new houdini version?
  2. I posted here (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20626-flipping-animation/) yesterday but haven't yet received any replies so I will ask a more basic question that should help me solve the problem in my other post. If I have a grid of black points and I colour some of them red, how can I find the nearest red point for the other (black) points. I'm fairly sure it would be: - pcopen - pciterate - if red is > 0.1 But then how would I break out of the pciterate and use that found point, e.g. to get the distance between the found red point and the current black point? Cheers, Mike
  3. I am struggling a bit trying to get this simple thing working (I am on H13): I want to examine the 3 closest points surrounding each point in a point cloud, and simply print some debug message. This is the code I use in an Attrib Wrangle sop node: int handle=pcopen(@OpInput2,"P",@P,10,3); printf("ptnum %d\n",@ptnum); int iteration=0; while (pciterate(handle)) { iteration++; printf("iteration %d\n",iteration); } pcclose(handle); I have 10 points scattered and I use them as input 1 and 2 for the Attrib Wrangle node. So I am trying to loop through the points in the input 1, and for each one of them open a pc based on the input 2. I expect a feed back like this : ptnum 0 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 ptnum 1 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 ... ptnum 9 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 But I receive this feedback instead: ptnum 0 ptnum 1 ptnum 2 ptnum 3 ptnum 4 ptnum 5 ptnum 6 ptnum 7 ptnum 8 ptnum 9 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 I must clearly be doing something conceptually wrong. I thought that the content of a Attrib Wrangle node set to "point" was looping through all the points in the first input. So the code should be executed on all the points , is that correct ? (scene file included) pciterate_test.hipnc