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Found 10 results

  1. is there anyone to know the workflow of pcopen and iterate with new houdini version?
  2. why it gives me this error? and how to solve that?
  3. Hi everyone, I have a little confuse about pc open. Normally we create a pc open need a current element "P" to be the query position. and then search the target file by radius. but what if i create pc open in cvex shader builder to work with vex volume procedural in Shop. where is the current P comes from? we still need a "P" to be the query position to do searching. (plz let me know if I'm wrong thx) if I connect pc open query pos to geo vop global parameter "P" then do the rest of part. although it still work but no idea how. and I don't know how to export the parameters to check on the spread sheet.
  4. Attached are two screen grabs. One is a vops set up that works to convert @N to @v. The other screen grab is my failed attempt to recreate this with vex. what is wrong with the vex? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I can't wrap my head around the "pcopen" function. SideFX Help states "This node opens a point cloud file and searches for points around a source position." Okay... but all the points already have a position vector attribute... otherwise they wouldn't exist... so what exactly is this node/function accomplishing? What is the source position... source of what? I'm looking at a volume vop network where this node is being used to fetch point attributes from a curve sop into a volume but I still don't quite grasp it... is that what pcopen does? sort of "map" point attributes into a volume? I would appreciate any clarification... thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, trying to figure out how to randomise the number of iterations of a pc open in a vop node, based on a per point random the goal is to make variation in the speed of the propagation. I join a simple file, if somebody can help me it would be really apreciated Thx by advance Cheers basic-propa.hip
  7. I'm learning Houdini. I'g trying to learn how to use pcopen specifically in vops. I'm very confused and am wondering if someone knows of a clear and concise tutorial of how to use pcopen in general. Preferably something other than Peter Quint's tutorials on the subject that are 7 years old and move very slowly. much appreciated.
  8. Hey guys quick question, I need to do some operations on two particle streams\groups using point cloud using a pop vop. fist of all, can I put the pop vop after merging the two streams, or do I need to have it connected to one of the groups before the merge, and how to plugin the two in the pointcloud open? Note:I'm really new to pointcloud, but I've been using TP witch has the same method of groups and searching between the groups! Thanks, Mook
  9. I posted here (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20626-flipping-animation/) yesterday but haven't yet received any replies so I will ask a more basic question that should help me solve the problem in my other post. If I have a grid of black points and I colour some of them red, how can I find the nearest red point for the other (black) points. I'm fairly sure it would be: - pcopen - pciterate - if red is > 0.1 But then how would I break out of the pciterate and use that found point, e.g. to get the distance between the found red point and the current black point? Cheers, Mike
  10. I am struggling a bit trying to get this simple thing working (I am on H13): I want to examine the 3 closest points surrounding each point in a point cloud, and simply print some debug message. This is the code I use in an Attrib Wrangle sop node: int handle=pcopen(@OpInput2,"P",@P,10,3); printf("ptnum %d\n",@ptnum); int iteration=0; while (pciterate(handle)) { iteration++; printf("iteration %d\n",iteration); } pcclose(handle); I have 10 points scattered and I use them as input 1 and 2 for the Attrib Wrangle node. So I am trying to loop through the points in the input 1, and for each one of them open a pc based on the input 2. I expect a feed back like this : ptnum 0 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 ptnum 1 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 ... ptnum 9 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 But I receive this feedback instead: ptnum 0 ptnum 1 ptnum 2 ptnum 3 ptnum 4 ptnum 5 ptnum 6 ptnum 7 ptnum 8 ptnum 9 iteration 1 iteration 2 iteration 3 I must clearly be doing something conceptually wrong. I thought that the content of a Attrib Wrangle node set to "point" was looping through all the points in the first input. So the code should be executed on all the points , is that correct ? (scene file included) pciterate_test.hipnc
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