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Found 4 results

  1. I simulated a simple particle and I saved the .sim files with output node inside dop, I used $F to save simulation files, but when I enable the playback simulation nothing happens, it can't play the cached files what's the problem?
  2. Hey there! Is there any trick to force houdini to show the updated values of various UI elements such as sliders during the playback? It would be tremendously helpful to just keep the playback running while I keep on tweaking my values and just being able to see what I'm doing. As the simulation refreshes anyway when the playhead hits the end of the loop there's really no need to this whole "stop > go back to frame 1 > play" ordeal. Please tell me there's a trick for this Thanks!
  3. Hey, I am caching out my ocean simulation. Inside the dop network I went to the output node and hit save to disk. I cached out around 112 frames. Back in obj level I click on my dop network and hit playback simulation. However, it keeps loading the last frame of the simulation, even if I am on frame 1. The only way to get it to work is to turn off play back simulation, then load ONLY frame 1. Then turn play back simulation on again. After that, I can load the the rest of the cache. As I advance foward on the timeline, it updates as expected. But if I tried to load a previous frame, it won't update. For instance, it I go to frame 10 from frame 1, it updates correctly. But if I try to go back to any frame before 10, it won't update. However, it I go to frame 15, it updates fine. But now nothing before 15 will work. What is going on? thanks
  4. First post here! I just want to share a tiny triumph. I love cmivfx and the tutorials there, except the fact that videos can't be sped up. I found that you can manipulate html5 players through the browser console with some simple code. I used firefox->inspector->console a = document.getElementById("bitdash-video-cmi-player"); a.playbackRate = 1.5; YAY!
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