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Found 1 result

  1. Problems with Polyfill/Polybridge

    So I am attempting to make a properly subdivide-able inset for this irregular curved geometry. I used UV's in order to place the shape of the inset on the base geometry. The problem I am facing is that I am unable to easily connect the inset with the border of the base geometry. Poly bridge and Poly fill have both failed me (or maybe I am not using them right) so if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the problem that would be great. P.S. I was wanting to preserve the original shape but even if I were to get the polyfill/polybridge to work properly I doubt it would still have the same shape as the original. I was going to try to use UV's again to refit the geometry but I am not entirely sure if it would work, so if anyone has advice on returning it to its initial geometry that would be great. inset.hiplc