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Found 5 results

  1. How do I achieve this similar fx using POP Grains. John kunz has full tutorial on the same, but he is using Vellum grains. i wanna try doing this fx using pop grains. Attached .hip is my try. i can only tend to get disintegration, on the first frame. rest of the frames are not taking my color transfer , i know i am missing only one or two lines of wrangle. Please help me out . the file has all the setup, to save your time. Thanks in advance. POP Grain_Disintegration.hipnc
  2. I just recently pick up houdini and trying to achieve the effect that the particles in the red part of the cube have smaller 'targetstiffness' value than the others but without success. Although I have studied the 'KeyframedGrain' example and other similar projects, I still quite confused about how some of the parameters works. I already create 'targetstiffness' attribute in Attribute wrangle but it doesn't seem to have any effect at all. I guess i didn't access to this parameter in a right way. I attach my project file below. I hope someone can help me out with this. I don't know if my approach is valid or not, feel free to modify it grain_cube.hipnc
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to tear cloth using pyro. Basically, I have a sphere with cloth simulation, and inside this shere I want to make a smoke explosion that will tear the sphere. I tryed using "cloth solver" and "pop grain", but have an issu with both technics as I'm still beginning. 1) Issue using Pop grain: It look good in the popnet but I don't know how to tear the fabric when I but the mesh back. 2) Issue using cloth solver : I don't know how to use the pyro simulation has collider. I tryed VDB or mesh, but I'm missing something. smoke_tearing_cloth_01.hiplc Anyone has an idea ? It would be great to know both technics. Thanks, Charles
  4. Hi, I am doing a personal project of iceberg destruction, and i want one of the fractured piece to behave differently like when it lands on the ground. i want them to be very small pieces like a dust. so i thought the best approach for that effect would be, make them to "grain". therefore, to get that effect, what i did was, i blast one of the piece from the simulation ,which i want them to be behave like a dust, on hitting the ground. unfortunately, i have noticed that ,since its a fractured and already has a simulation. when i apply grain source , the grain source point moves in every frame as it goes to the ground. I know point deform would fix something like that. but since i am newbie, i dont know how to fix this. I have attached a test. please have a look. if you dont understand what i said. Grain.hipnc
  5. Hi everyone, I'm student in french school, and for my last year project I have to do snow. And more precisely a huge bloc falling to the floor. I need a lot of particle because for the production need I decided to convert it in vdb and so to polygon, so I need detail. My question is, What parameter should I modify to avoid the "bound" effect. My simulation flatten on the impact and take back volume. I used the shock scaling power and I played with Scale Kinetic and Static threshold but I don't really understand how this params works. Can you help me with that. Thank you a lot. FX_v007_chute.hipnc test_v01.mov