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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to simulate blowing snow, like in the video below, but am having a tough time. I'm emitting from scattered points with animated noise on pscale, density and velocity, and I'm advecting the sim with a velocity volume derived from a set of animated curves (to get the wavy motion of the snow). The problem is that the smoke disperses quickly and loses it shape, and I can't get any fine detail into the smoke however many gas disturb/turbulence settings I try (I'm using speed, derived from vel, as a control field). The pyro sim has no temperature field or buoyancy applied. In the reference the snow is fuzzy and keeps its shape throughout, and I'm stuck about how to achieve this. I've attached the .hip if you feel like taking a look. Thanks Blowing Snow Flipbook 2.mp4 Blowing Snow Ref.mp4 Blowing Snow Simulation 09-02.hip
  2. This is a preview of a series of tutorials on how to create an ice growth in HOUDINI.
  3. Hi there I made some snow with very small vellum grains What Im trying to achieve is to set an initial state when my snow is already relaxed (I am throwing a box made of grains in top of a mountain), and then to continue colliding with some objects. How can i make the simulation read the first frame and then start writing the next
  4. hi, I am testing vellum, and have a question. When testGeo is coming up from ground, all vellum particles are influenced and pushed away. Also, when he hit ground with hummer and lift it up, particles looks being sucked into holes made by hummer. However, these particle reaction should not reach such far away distance. I'd like to know how to control the influence distance. So far, I am thinking of solutions: 1 - reduce constraint iteration, 2 - make a space between particles at emission/creation times. 3 - add more friction, increase particle separate / highres- sim, etc. This result could be ok for sand FX, but when making snow ground, this won't work. Particles should be very rigid, and particle only moves around testGeo's feet and hummer. If anyone knows how to control it properly, let me know thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone. I have a scene with big rocks/mountains. I'd like to replicate this effect: and this one: And of course the snow would some evaporate and go over the slope, like shown in the picture I've attached. I have uploaded a hip file with what I'm doing so far in a much simplify version of my project, but I don't know how to make it look like 'big scale', with all the ripples and fine details. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks spindrift_snowDustBlowing.hipnc
  6. hi, I try to make snow effect with grain solver, started from wet sand shell, wetness=1, and changed clump stiffness to 100. After tweaking around parameters, I got 3 main problems. 1 – how to add friction to static object? I set friction 10, bounce 0 , but particle is still sliding a lot. 2 – When dynamic object collide grain particle, it pushes away too much, but should not influence to surrounding particles. I think constrain pushes away in order to keep space between particles. 3 – particle motion is kind of springy or bouncy. Snow should damp velocity immediately. I guess I need to figure out how to control compression or density of particles by grain's internal constraint?! If anyone knows solutions, it would be great, thanks! grainSnow_v01.hip
  7. Tsui

    Snow rendering

    Hey everybody! Recently I am playing around for snow simulation, and I am hoping the results could be better than the 2013 Frozen demo from Disney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0kyDKu8K-k. The shader right now I am using is transfering particles to VDB volumes and then approximated through BillowySmoke & uniformVolume. In the geometry nodes I used VDB smooth to get rid of those non-sense particles (also plus the volume blur nodes to do some blurring work). Wondering does anyone have exp to render snow?
  8. Hey guys! I'm new to Houdini and I've ran into a problem which i can't seem to fix. I was hoping someone on the odforce forums would know the problem. I have been trying to make a tool to generate snow. Thanks to a tutorial on snow simulations from cmiVFX and the great documentation from SideFX things went pretty fast, but the last couple of days my simulation seems to collapse/melt whenever it seems to reach some sort of resting point. My intention is to have stable snow which I can make a character walk through. So I want the particles to stop melting away when my simulation stops moving. I added my scene so you guys can take a look. Any ideas on how I could fix this? Many thanks in advance! snow_v18.hipnc
  9. Tsui

    Snow shading

    Hey friends, I am trying to shade a snow smashing to the wall. What I tried was using VDBfromParticles and then use vdb smooth (median value gave me a best look). However, for the animation. I saw there were some effects when the snowball hitting the wall which make it looks more like a fluid not a snowball. Please note that the erode area which makes it look like a fluid : (. Any suggestions and help I would appreciate! There is a short animation in the attached file. Thx! 0001-0240.avi
  10. Hey, I'm trying to create blow effects for my particles which will be snow. At this moment I have smoke advect which drive my particles but it still looks really bad. I would like to create light snow/grains like a dust which will unhide object after blow. Fox example: ball is hidden under the small amount of snow and someone blow this snow using mouth to unhide this object which is under it. hope it is enough clear to understand what I mean. advec.hipnc
  11. Stew of cellphone footage with a speck of VFX spice. Enjoy! Role: Photography, Editing, Design, Post-Production and Direction. Audio: Kasabian - "Orange" Shot with an iphone 5. CGI done in Houdini. http://cargocollective.com/pedrokobuti
  12. jackyu00

    falling snow

    Hi all, I am using H15 grain solver to simulate falling snow. When the snow hit the ground, it behaves like spring. Please see the attachment. To remove the spring feel, I have increased my constraint iteration to 100, but it didn't help. Is anyone know how can I improve this, thanks! Jack spring_snow.mov
  13. Hey guys working on a snow simulation setup for a student film for second year of my University course (University of Hertfordshire) - Been working on some rnd' and so far happy with results but was wondering if anyone had any idea how to get rid of the crazy/flying like particles in my walking man RnD' - Wasnt sure if more substeps/ constraint iterations / or if their was too much force from the colliding object to the snow - will provide a scene too! - SNOW RND - SNOW WALKTHROUGH TESTS (For the shot in this the sim itself may just include dropping the snow ontop of a building for nice placement and not any actual interaction once stable so these tests maybe slightly uneccesary but would be nice to gage a further understanding!!) Will provide both houdini files if asked, LEFT TEST; 1.4 million particles upressed to around 14million at render time Constraint interations - 40 clumping stiffness - 40 Shock scaling power - 0.8 static threshold - 0.5 scale kenetic - 2 RIGHT TEST; 168,000 particles upressed to 4.2million (bit excessive in the upressing) Constraint interations - 65 clumping stiffness - 40 Shock scaling power - 0.8 static threshold - 0.5 scale kenetic - 2 - thinking possibly my scale kenetic attribute is causing the excess velocity/movement on impact (was testing more constraint interations vs higher particle seperation (more particles) which is more efficient ) - HIP File provided, - Alembic geo file too - https://www.sendspace.com/file/8flg0v RnD_Snow_Walkingthrough3.hip
  14. Hi everyone, I'm student in french school, and for my last year project I have to do snow. And more precisely a huge bloc falling to the floor. I need a lot of particle because for the production need I decided to convert it in vdb and so to polygon, so I need detail. My question is, What parameter should I modify to avoid the "bound" effect. My simulation flatten on the impact and take back volume. I used the shock scaling power and I played with Scale Kinetic and Static threshold but I don't really understand how this params works. Can you help me with that. Thank you a lot. FX_v007_chute.hipnc test_v01.mov
  15. Hey Guys, My deadline is coming up and I have a few small problems that I quickly need to resolve. 1. I have a snow covered car. The snow falls off the car to reveal a new body-paint color. The source is a pre-constructed, scattered and point-replicated point cloud on top of the car geometry, revealed based on input particles from falling snow. (I used attribute transfer with a solver node for that) Everything is working fine, except of course that all my particles are dropping from the car, simultaneously. My question is; how do I start them off "frozen" and have them fall based on my input? I was imagining an animated noise pattern so control the activation, of sorts. But maybe an animated metaball setup? I am just not sure what particle attribute to use. The "active" one doesnt seem to do anything. 2. Ideally I would like this snow to be grains, so that I can have clumping and stacking, but since I am colliding with car geometry, the grains always explode. Is there a way to maintain constraints without everything exploding? I am using a vdb collision volume sample of the car. It looks like Houdini automatically adjusts the particles so that there are no intersections with the collision VDB, but I cant seem to get away from the explosion. 3. How the hell do I get geometries with a shadow matte shader assigned, to not cast shadows on one another?! but only from objects that are NOT a shadow matte? I am basically just trying to render this snow out in two passes, and one is a shadow pass. I only want shadow from the snow, affecting my ground and the car. But no shadows from the car affecting the ground & vice versa. Much like Vray's material wrapper. 4. I have 6 licenses but have not yet set up HQ server. Could anyone briefly explain the process of getting this setup? Thanks so much for any help and input! // Mats www.swedeballs.com
  16. Hello! I'm a total newbie to Houdini, my background is design, live-action directing, but I'm really wanting to learn Houdini and hopefully implement it in my work. This is the effect I'm wanting to achieve, only take out the character, the footsteps appear by themselves but with the same displacement, snow clumping effect etc:https://youtu.be/9H1gRQ6S7gg?t=3m30s Except I want to shoot actual footage, create the footsteps effect, then composite it back into the live action footage. I've been messing around with wet grains, using various pieces of geometry to displace them but I'm not really achieving the results like in this video. Also, I'm not sure if wet grains is the best way to go about it, perhaps animating a displacement map would be better, then using grains to add to the effect. Thanks for reading and for any help! Any advice is absolutely welcome!
  17. Hey everyone! While I'm trying to learn Houdini, I am starting to understand the mindset, but still I keep stumbling over technical difficulties. This is a very simple scene: 1. I emit points from a box in the air 2. The points land and hit a ground box and get in the 'snowflake' group. 3. I am trying to use a SOP solver to copy a metaball on the snowflake group points, but the points just disappear and nothing happens. 4. I am also trying to achieve that whenever a point falls and lands and then makes a metaball, the other points can now fall on this metaball and create new metaballs from there, thus making a piling up / accumulating effect, like layering snow or wax. Thanks! Snow_001.hip
  18. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm working on an ice / snow shader for an iceberg cliff. I am a beginner, so the shader is still very simple, it's just a surface model and some displ noise. I've played with the SSS, refl and refract settings a bit, and tried my hands at some noise, but its still a looong way from looking realistic. I really hope you guys can help me with this! This is where I'm at right now (sorry for all the big pictures): wireframe (the model still needs some more work): network: And this is the look I'm actually going for (shader wise). The goal is hopefully to have a realistic looking iceberg shader. To help other beginners, it would be nice to have a hip file at the end, complete with notes and explainations, so everyone can learn from it. I'm including the scene file (without HDRI, it was too big), so definitely feel free to have a go at it! I hope you guys like the initiative and contribute some of your vast knowledge Iceshader_v001.zip Cheers!
  19. Hey Guys Have you guys checked out the Interior Rendering Masterclass and Snow Simulation cmiVFX have done?? I have a discount code that expires end of this month. Contact me if you're interested and also for subscription to cmiVFX https://cmivfx.com/store/612-houdini-snow-simulations https://cmivfx.com/store/610-houdini-interior-rendering-masterclass
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