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Found 4 results

  1. Particles from particles

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to achieve this effect? There's a particle. It gives birth another particle right form the first particle position. We've got two particles. Then these two particles give birth other two new particles from the position of their parents. We've got 4 partcles. Then these 4 particles give birth other new 4 particles. We've got 8 particles. And so on. The spawn position of the new particles have to be exactly the same as their parents one. So it's kinda look like particle division or duplicating or splitting into more particles. I tried to replicate them. But it wont work the way I need. Emitting position of new particles is random. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, In my popnet, I want that, a new particle is born only if there are no particles in the scene. That is, suppose a single particle is born and dies after, say some random frame, only then a new particle is born. No new particle can be born even if a single particle is alive. How can I do that? Please help Thanks @Alain2131 : Sorry to tag you here, I just wanted some more help. Please let me know if tagging is not permitted or if you are bothered by it, I wont tag you again.
  3. Geometry particles PopSpin

    Hi all! I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I'm stuck getting my particle shapes to spin. I might be approaching this wrong... I've fractured and packed an object. I bring the pieces into the POP network, instancing each piece with source emission type set to All Geometry - each particle is a piece from the fractured geo. Now I just want these pieces to spin. I do get the w attribute set, but, the pieces themselves are just translating with the particles, not rotating. A simple scene with the setup is attached. Can anyone point me in the right direction here, and perhaps explain why this approach doesn't seem to be working? Thanks! popSpin.hip
  4. Hi guys, I'm working on a project where I have to generate smoke like effect to define a character's movement. So taking alembic export of the animation, and converting the mesh to particle interaction within the boundary of the mesh. I'm doing some test with simple sphere where particle interaction happens inside a moving sphere. I got some problem where after birthing all the particle inside POP net, it doesn't follow the translation (or rather deformation) of the mesh. What I wanted is generally represented with particle sop where the particle are birthing and interacting within the sphere even when the sphere is moving around. I just need to get the same behavior inside pop net. Does anyone know what I'm missing? I tried using collision inside pop but that means interaction within the surface of the mesh and not really what I wanted, Ed particleTest.hipnc ballTest.abc.tar.gz