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Found 2 results

  1. 238/5000 hello, can anybody help me? I have a problem in this scene, I have a necklace that I want to collide with the body moving, at first it collides and becomes good, but when the body begins to dance, the necklace breaks and enters the body mesh. untitled.mp4
  2. Buggy Alembic, how to bake camera?

    I keep getting weird read errors from this alembic file (I got it to mostly work and I'm talking to support, so don't worry). I'm old and crotchety and suspicious and superstitious, and this reminds me of several instances of being in a pipeline and converting published geometry to native geo in Maya to get it to work.... anyhow... How can I take an animated Camera from an imported Alembic file and bake it out to a Houdini native camera? Baking out the geometry is easy enough, but if I bake out the geo from the camera I only get the nice two-reel icon of the camera, not the actual camera object. I'm sure Alembic works just fine for most of all y'all, touch wood, but if anyone has a clue I can borrow I'd appreciate it as I'm fresh out. I'm attaching the abc file I'm working with as a zip because the attacher here doesn't like .abc files, fwiw. track_03.zip