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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to render a simulation done with a flip which is made up of 22 million particles. After having made several attempts the houdini console throws me a: 9576: Fatal error: Segmentation fault Saving application data to .... Here below I leave the image and the project files in case someone is willing to help me. Thank you so much!! Help me please!!! Collider.obj Test.hipnc
  2. Hello everyone, What it happens is weird. When I try to simply render the view with the default Mantra renderer or another Mantra node I get this error. UT_NetPacket::write: No error mantra: Error writing data to image device[/CODE] Some people say that it is related to problems with the Firewall or the antivirus, I tried killing tasks and processes but I still get this error. However, if I re-start de program I can render perfectly all I want (sometimes, depending on the weather, yeah) and when a long time happens it outputs that error... Any suggestions? Thanks for your attention.