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Found 1 result

  1. Hello forum! I'm trying to develop a specific effect where I try to source multiple "blobs" into a popfluid or flip setup and then trying to keep them separated through the simulation. As I already learned there is no option to have the surface tension handling multiple surfaces/volumes - so I'm looking for a solution that bypasses/hacks that. My current idea is a VEX or popvop solution where I find the nearest point, check if they are sharing the same class attribute they inherit when sourced. then either attract the point (if sharing same class attrib.), or repell (if they are not sharing the same class attrib.). I was wondering if someone had been doing something similar and could share some thoughts on this (or another) approach. Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something obvious/simple before I dive in. Like Constraints, or micro solvers that could be helpfull, etc. Any hints are appreciated. Thank you very much! I've attached a little sketch to help understand what i'm trying to achieve.