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Found 4 results

  1. save particle velocities every frame

    Hi All, TL;DR - How do you save particle velocities each frame to feedback into a sim? I'm working on a particle effect for rain on a window. Currently adapting a nice example from Toadstorm. I've made some changes to his setup. He has new particles growing over time and becoming droplets past a certain pscale, so i've derived mass from pscale to connect droplet size and speed, as the wind force i'm using to move them is not set to ignore mass. video I added a sop solver after the DOP to delete still particles touched by moving ones. And a popinteract and a popfluid to try and get the moving drops to coalesce and follow each other as they move down, but this has only slightly worked. Ideally i'd like to write the velocities of the moving drops into a volume which could then come back into the sim the advect the particles, or some other technique that follow make it so that new drops hitting and existing trail would follow its path precisely, and add a little to their speed and size. I presume I would use a sop solver inside my DOP network for this, but no clue beyond that. Any advice much appreciated, H windowdrops-uv3-w.mp4
  2. Is it possible to have a mutual collision between Pop Solver, with POP Fluid, and an RBD Object ? Something like the Feedback Scale we have in Flip Solver. It's a basic Setup, I have a box, blasted the top edge, and an RBD Sphere in there, and I emmit Pop Fluid and I'm trying to achieve mutual collisions, so to make the sphere float on the liquid surface
  3. Compensate DOP Scale Time

    Hello, Is there a way to slow down DOP particle simulation without changing liquid behavior too drastically? I made a liquid simulation with popfluid it looks exactly like I need but I need to slow it down to make it look like it was shot on Phantom camera (think of one of those fancy table tops from Marmalade as a reference:). I use standard 24 FPS and Time Scale on DOP is 1 substeps = 1, time scales on popfluid and popsolver inside DOP are 1 as well substeps on popsolver 1, 2. So to slow everything down I tried to half Time Scale on DOP but liquid behavior changed completely, when I try to do the same with time scales on solvers inside same thing is happening. So the question is is it possible to preserve liquid motion after changing time scale? Maybe unlock solvers, dive inside and change something there? Thanks. PS. i know that retime is other option probably most obvious, but unfortunately it doesn't look the way I need especially with collisions.
  4. houdini 17 (popfluid)

    I have been stuck for days. I am trying to achieve some sort of splashy look, but not sure what did i do wrong or I miss some node. I tried using flipsolver and popfluid, both doesn't seem to work. please help water_blast.hip