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Found 3 results

  1. Join DeepGears

    Hello everybody! I am the COO of DeepGears, a tech company in the digital fashion space. DeepGears is building a software aimed at cracking an extremely challenging problem: visualise high quality virtual try-ons projected to be at the epicenter of the upcoming revolution in the digital fashion space. To help us doing that, we are currently looking for an enthusiastic Houdini Pipeline Developer, with experience in Python-driven Houdini applications. You will be joining a young and energetic team of PhDs from top-tier Universities and a management team with consumer retail experience from top Private Equity and Consulting firms. If you love creating awesome experiences, you’re driven, interested in new technologies and innovation, then we look forward to hearing from you! You can find more information and apply via our website: https://www.deepgears.com/careers
  2. Hello, i am trying to load custom node from my galleries at startup. I know nothing about python I am able to load basic Houdini and Redshift nodes from script found , but after searching i was unable to find the proper script to load nodes from my personal galleries. i tried this to load a custom cam i made for redshift Mycam = hou.galleries.galleryEntries('cam1')[0] cam = obj.createNode("Mycam", "cam_1") EDIT: just figured out that i need to load a preset on the node.
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking at centralizing some of the configuration/prefs of Houdini to a server, in particular houdini.env I am happy for artists to have there own local prefs but certain aspects of the environment they launch into I wish to control. I noticed HOME basically moves the prefs, and I can't quite get my head around HSITE. Can someone give me some guidance. Primarily I'm coming from a Maya module mapped env configuration. A usage example of HSITE would be great. Thanks, Ollie