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Found 2 results

  1. Hi!! I have subdivided the primitives of an icosaedron. What I want is for each primitive, to select a random number of subdivisions (the small black triangles) , extrude them and control their density with an attribute. How can I do that?? POPULATION -HAPPINESS.hipnc
  2. hey, please see the attached image. i have enabled the option "Render Polygons as Subdivision (Mantra)" in the geometry node, under the "Render" tab. as you can notice, this is producing bad geometry. the help files state the following: Render polygons as a subdivision surface: The creaseweight attribute is used to perform linear creasing. This attribute may appear on points, vertices or primitives. i know that you can set/override the creaseweight attribute when using a subdivide sop, but how can i do this when using the mantra-subdivision mentioned in the title? can i simply create an attribute called creaseweight and set it to 1? or is there a way of adding further substeps, e.g. in the mantra rop? sorry for the ignorant question. thank you!