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X2 : Interview with Cinesite's Stephen Rosenbaum


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:)...yeah :rolleyes:

I've read very few interviews/articles etc that mentioned software in a proper context...I guess people really want to know what software was used - which is dumb for a number of reasons - and you never really get to see anyone's setups anyway - so they just stick the question in there and everyone is happy :)

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Couldn't help but notice how many times they plugged their own particle software. :rolleyes: For all we know, it could be tied in to Houdini but probably not in this case.

You also have to keep in mind that some SFX Programmers would rather use their own code which they are very familiar with and have been nurturing for the last 5 years or more, then tweak and tune that rather than use off-the-shelf software. In most cases, the off-the-shelf software is used as the visualizer for their software.

These ads aren't really for us, they are for all the potential clients out there and the kids who will see the movies and pretend they know everything. Focusing on the people and stressing unique capabilities are very important to differentiate their facility. It really does come down to the talent that the facility has. Let them throw the odd bone out for us to chew on. It doesn't come very often. :P

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