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Burning Paper


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as far as creating the holes in the paper as it burns, you could try this:

say that your paper is a grid. Make sure it has UVs on it. Using a point sop, plug the point positions into the color (so $TX, $TY and $TZ into the color field), and then transform the paper into uv space (so $MAPU and $MAPV into the x and y position fields).

Now apply a noise onto the Z position of the grid, and make it's amplitude animate over time. Now apply a clip sop, to cut the grid past a certain position as the noise animates outward. You'll see how it's cutting holes in the paper now.

All that's left to do is to transform it back to it's original position. In another point sop plug the color into the position ( so $CR, $CG and $CB into the position fields) and you should now see your paper back in it's original place, with holes cutting out of it.

You can probably select the edges and make them black, to make the paper look charred, and also use the edges as emittors for particle fire.



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