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(Entropy + Houdini) Post-include for AreaLight set

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(sorry for my poor english)

I'm setting an areaLight and having trouble post-including.

A sample declaration for an area light source is shown below: (exerpts from techref.pdf for entropy)



Attribute "light" "nsamples" [16]

AreaLightSource "arealight" 1 "intensity" [30]

"string shadowname" ["shadow"] "float shadowbias" [.15]

#above 3 lines are pre-included okay.

Translate 4 2 4

Rotate 90 1 0 0

Rotate 60 0 1 0

Rotate -20 1 0 0

Scale 1.5 1.5 1.5

Surface "constant"

Patch "bilinear" "P" [-1 1 0 1 1 0 -1 -1 0 1 -1 0]


Illuminate 1 1

# But above 1 line is resisting Post-included.


First part is pre-including okay. But the second part is not working.

So I had to include "Illuminate 1 1" by hand.

I think geo tile's post-include is not working at all. Cam or light's post-include is working properly, but it doesn't do the trick for areaLight setting.

What is the proper way to include the "Illuminate 1 1" ?

Thanks for advance :)

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Hmm... don't you have to apply the areaLight shader to your lightsource to get it to work properly...?

Umm... I take it back. I guess I don't know what I am talking about. :unsure:

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No. I just want to test the lighting of entropy.

Curious about what it can do for me & what should I have to pay.

Until now, It's rather tough for me. ;)

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Hmm... Looks like it's a lot more complicated than I thought. :( I am not certian how to automatically change the LightSource into AreaLightSource. If this is SOP, we *might* be able to use Attribute or Attribute Create SOP to change things around.

Welp, I guess we'll have to wait or Jason or someone else who knows.

Just wait a bit longer for everyone to get back from Siggie.

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the arealight shader, the geometry, and the illuminate statement go before the world begin.

I made an object subnet, all the geometry you put into the subnet gets turned into an include rib.

There's the the subnet.ds, a couple of command files, and a perl script that cleans up the .rib file.

It dumps out your lights and area light geometry into a .rib, mulches it into a useable form with the perl script,

then sets up a light source to use this include .rib at the beginning of your rib files, with area lights.

The gzipped tar file is 2.6k, I can e-mail it to you if you want it. It's less than perfect, I was going to clean it up

and put it on odforce, but with recent developments, there's sort of no point. :( If you want any of it, just e-mail me.


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