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Man in the Moon


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Ah, I was just talking about this to my friend. You see, Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but nobody remembers the second. Turns out that he's the guy that wrote the whole "One small step for man, one giant step for humanity" thing, and Armstrong totally stole his thunder by being the first guy out there, and muttering these words. Filled with rage, no. 2 kung-fu kicked him in the back, sending him flying over the moon landscape. Armstrong managed to turn himself around and pushed himself off a large rock to fly superman style, fist forward back into no. 2. The struggle continued for quite some time, when eventually no. 2 fell into a dark chasm, giving armstrong enough time to plant the american flag and getting back into the lander. They shot away towards earth, leaving the forever nameless no. 2 to be the man in the moon. If you look real hard, on a clear night you may see him up there, cursing Armstrongs name.

The End.

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