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Hi guys!

I know that everyone has his/her/it (if it's a being of another dimension) way of learning. I like to read, make plenty of side notes that I wonder if I'll ever read again and watch tutorials.

I also like to start projects (note the start - this doesn't implie finishing them...) to try and use what I'm learning or experimenting with stuff... of course that you at a certain point begin to develop a certain habit of using this or that method of doing things.

I just finished reading the expressions cookbook... it's very good and all, but there's so much more...

So after a good advice from Old School to go and check the Point SOP and all the example files with it, I started looking at them and... They have really GOOD examples! I already saw the answer to some of my questions!

But there are countless Operators... So I started with the SOP's but... can someone remember all this?

What do you think my best course of action to continue learning Houdini should be? (I already watched lot's of 3D Buzz videos, some of Side Effects, some of Peter Quint...).

Do you think it's useful to read all the Sops and examples? Or you use/read them when you need to do something?

Thanks for your time and answers/pointers...

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I heard it's different from person to person, but for me diving right in is the best learning process. When I look sth. up then, it gets memorized easily, because of the connection with my project. Sure, from to time you have to watch a tutorial to learn new tricks, but even then I like to know the problem first-hand, to know when it's useful. And if I feel it should work but I can't figure it out, it's a question for the forum.

I like to hear other opinions. :)

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Hi nad thanks LFX and mightcouldb1!

Thanks for your answers.

I always have a side project running that I start with what I know (in order to consolidate that) and usually evolves to the unknown territory...

Real soon I'll post the first (of many I think) cries for help...

Anyway, like the topic title suggests this is more of a opinion gathering/share of methods then anything else...

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Hi old school!

Thanks for your feedback. I'll dive in and start making questions... but I'm also will try to see a couple of help files/examples everyday! Lot of ground to cover...

Tron is amazing! I also have the book... Will try to make it the best way possible or Sark may pursue me... :)

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