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Strange Attractors OTL


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Hey there ,

It's been a while that I haven't posted any files, so I felt like I could share one of the otls that I made lately just for fun...

It's nothing major about the tool but It's kinda fun to play with the parameters and get totally different looks. chaotic behaviour funs might like it...

The creation of this tool has been done during the lunch breaks :) so I hope there isn't much bugs and stuff.

I also uploaded the tool to Guillaumes new web page which is awesome !!!. you can find the detailed info, hip, otl, pics and a video in the following link as well;

Strange Attractors @ VFXTOOLBOX


General Info

Currently there are 5 different attractors included in this tool. Each one is a seperate VEX Type, Geometry Operator that is embedded in the "strangeAttractorsSOPsergen.otl"

4 of them (the ones that has the prefix "Stranger") has similar mathematical formulas and the 5th one is the famous "Lorenz Attractor"


  • find a nice shape and then animate any offset parameter to get good looking animations.
  • compute velocity of the animated attractor and emit particles from it...
  • You can easily check/edit each attractors vex code by hitting the "Edit VEX Function" button in the interface.
  • if the tool detects an input geometry, it automatically disables the following parameters and uses the incoming point number.
    - Number of Points
    - Add Particle System
    - Add Polygons Parms

Note: Using an input geo is not ideal

Auto Update

  • Each attractor has its own parameter set and as you switch between the attractors, it automatically switches between the parm sets by hiding the unrelated ones using a python script



Video : strangePops.mov

OTL : strangeAttractorsSOPsergen.otl

HIP : strangeAttractorsDemo_v01.hip




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