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copy+bevel on edge=crash ?

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hi there,

i ve a problem with a scene maybe someone can help me.

the problem is : my scene crash when i use a polybevel node in "edge mode" in a subnet before a copy sop.

i've no problem with the bevel point mode.

it looks strange because when i re-open the crashed file it's working and if i tweak any values after this it's crashing again.

If you have time to take a look on my scene the bevel sop is in the subnet1 in the platonic object.

the console return me this error : Fatal error: Segmentation Fault

thanks to take a look on this if you have time


xp64 on xeon cpu


houdini apprentice 10.0.595


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thanks for your attention and time.

If it can help, it's working when i put the bevel node between the 2 extrude node. The result is almost the same and it does'nt crash.

it can be link with the copy stamping too. when i keep the bevel node in the same position and disable the copy stamping it's working.

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