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how to use collision in curl noise?


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I have the turbulent part of the curl noise POP down, that's easy, it's just like the regular noise force in its controls. What I wanna find out is how to use the collision part of the POP. How do I write out an sdf for it to use? I'm kinda confused as to why I can't just pipe in an sdf, but whatever.

When I tried to write one out to disk (one a "bgeo" and one a "simdata" written out to file from an isooffset SOP) they both stopped the curl noise dead and it didn't work at all.

See attached hip file for the bare bones.

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, some dumb little mistake. I wish there was a demo file to crib off of. Man, I would totally work for SESI to make sure there were simple demo scenes for every gosh darn node. Gaw!


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I've had a little closer look at the underlying VEX network, and even though the curlnoise VEX operator has an input for it the help page doesn't mention SDF collisions. So, my sad thought is that it's not implemented.

Why do you teaste me SideFX? Why?

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