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Rendering Fur with GI

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hey serg

could you maybe help a little regarding the curve styleing long hair.

when i add curves with wiretransfershape to the guides on the fur sop, it works like expected.

but then i miss all the cvex styling, which i get with the shelf tool fur asset.

but on the shelf tool fur asset, when i add the wiretrasnfer shape and styling curves in

the guides sop(which seemed to be the right place for me), it works, but only as long as i stay inside this sop.

but when i go outside something seems to overwrite it?

thanks in advance, ulf

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Cool technique, but any advice of how I could get a light setup where I got diffuse shadows, I mean I wouldn't have defined shadows like and arm shadow over the body, would be more like an occlusion shadow, I know occlusion is too time consuming in some cases not a viable solution but anyone knows another way to achieve that?


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