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Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - I robot

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Today I decided to participate.

I would firstly like to extend my hand to each and every one of the participants.

And I say, good luck.

I was making me some ideas on what I wanted to show you.

I was tracking the spirit of those old days. Flying over the ashes came to me the idea to do something that plays a certain sadness.

i upld a lit pic.

thn more.



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Hi Matt thank for your nice words. :) .


Character's psychology and name

robot name: SL

Personality: SAD

consider the following sentences on wip of C P N.

b)Construction of the individual psychic robotic.

The closest to such things would be human beings and for that reason I have to observe them.

c)I could not believe that a man who upon hearing the voice of another not also consider it as a miracle

d)My experience, I mean, my varied observation is poor in these aspects.

e)Taking into account c) I am doing the following resolution: it is impossible to imagine the joy in a robot. I'm choosing from a palette of sad and happy faces and curiously a few lines can say it better than anyone.( But bearing in mind d) I am wrong in other respects, but that should not worry now)

Famous names

NN and Live

logician and mathematician: Bertrand Russell, Kurt Godel, Eisteint, Ramsey,Kim Davison,Frege, Leibniz,Platon. .

Mistics: Jesus Christ, Saint Lorenz, Saint Agustin, Saint Buena Ventura, Molinos, Bono,Ludwig Wittgenstein.

!!!!"""San Lorenzo"""" !!! SL

SL was a deacon of the Roman church, was carbonized in a hot grill and it is for this reason that shows winner among eminent names.

WiP animated: 27 October.


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