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How's my sand wall so far?

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I'm curious about the surface shader used.

Also, I must say, the rolling effect you achieved is pretty convincing.

Maybe a few collision events at the leading edge could stir up some secondary debris.

By the way, when you get to adding the "screaming face" element to this effect, you might want to look into Jason Iversen's great tutorial on writing i3d shaders. http://www.odforce.net/tips/

In the final section he deals with voxelizing geometry, which I spoke of in an earlier post. There are a couple of sample shaders that you can use to create otl's and give them a whirl.

These are a great starting point, but I wish he would continue this tute to include colors.

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I've definitely looked at those tutorials and wanted to use those to start with for this project. I didnt have the time i needed to use them at first but now for the face it's definitely an option. I also cant wait for the colour addition. *hint hint* :)

The shader I chose for the wall so far is a regular fog shader with noise attributes tweaked. Had to use 256^3 i3d textures to get it to look somewhat noticeable. I'd love to see it at 512^3 but I forgot I dont own a super computer. :blink:

Anyways, when I get the face in I'm going to redo the shaders for the entire thing so they are a whole. Would solve quite a few of the blending issues.


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It seems as if the page with the movie is down... do you still have this anywhere?

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