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How to suppress load warnings on batch file open?


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Just wondering if there is a way to bypass any load warnings when opening a scene with hbatch.

When I run a hython command, if there are any errors the process will just exit without completing the task.

Is there some kind of error check exception I could use to get round this, maybe with the hou.LoadWarning class but not quite sure how to use this. I've been racking my brains but not getting anywhere, any help would be appreciated.



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Thanks for the replies. They can indeed ruin ones day. Still not sure how or whether I can catch these exceptions from hython yet though. If anyone has any further ideas that would be great. Thanks, s

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in the docs it says:

load(file_name, suppress_save_prompt=False, ignore_load_warnings=False)

but I can't seem to run the function with any argument other than just the file_name. What would the correct syntax be?

In the meantime I found this example code in the net which works for me.

except hou.LoadWarning:
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