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Isolating and fixing self intersecting geometry


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Thanks for taking a look, I couldn't personally get the smooth sop to work on this geo but also the sample was just a very stripped down example,

I'm really looking for a way to error check a piece of geometry for any of these types of issues that will come back at me at render time.

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thats not a simple thing and i can´t think of a way doing it without a fair amount of coding.

if you "just" want to detect the intersecting prims you can use some external libraries (cgal, tetgen, ...) or hack something together using the hdk. if you want a really clean mesh,......... well, that will require much more time and knowledge and since you are dealing with grids (non-closed geometry) it quite likely becomes a real challenge to implement a fast and reliable solution.


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Thanks for the words of warning petz. Going to leave this for the time being whilst trying to rework the original generation of the geometry. All seems a bit complex to get started and really haven't the time currently. Will check out those pointers when I get a chance, thanks again.

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