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X-Ray Shader Help

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Hey guys,

I've written a simple X-Ray shader in VOP's Houdini 6.1 build 101.

Now I have one problem though, I'm getting small artifacts when rendering, if I remember correctly Mark Elendt: caused by 'No numbers',

but can't figure out where my problem lies.

Any help greatly appreciated.


PS. Marc I don't seem to be able to upload a 164kb hipnc file!

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Well, most of the artifacts are due to the reason, that you are using the preview-settings renderer. If you create a "real" mantra output-OP, the artifacts are mostly gone away. Note, that you have to create a camera in your scene too, else Houdini won't use this ROP. The artifacts you notice are not caused by your shader. It is due to the sampling mantra is performing. You can see the same errors when using the "VEX Super Material" and setting the "Alpha Para" and "Alpha Perp" to a value smaller than one.

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