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pyro shader pulsing

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I am having problems with noise pulsing on the pyro shader ...

I am using the dual rest position - set to 20 on the pyrosolver and fireball_pyro shader.

The noise is really pulsing quite badly ... am I missing something?

I am using H11.0.653



Try to raise the rest rate.

The 2 rest fields are "crossfading", so if your interval is to short it might get noticeble.

Mario explains more here


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Thanks for the help... extending the rest reset position did indeed help a lot! (it did soften the features a lot too - which I guess is due to the long mix between rest positions). I am just surprised this crossfading happens globally... would be great if there was a way the rest pos somehow tested how far it was streched locally and then reseeded the rest position 2 when and where needed. I guess this is easy for me to say but I have no idea of the practicalities of implementing it!



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Could this be related to Journal Entry:

Monday, Febuary 7, 2011

Houdini 11.0.650: The Pyro Shader will now properly respect a 50 frame rest reset. Previously, the VEX code had a default of 20, not matching the UI default. This caused the shader to actually use a reset rate of 20 when the UI was set to 50.

This pyro shader behaviour has been discussed before and I have experienced it myself.

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