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How do you animate turbulent noise?

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I know this may sound silly, but I can't seem to animate a texture, or let alone, turbulent noise. Just doing a simple test, If i add a turbn node to Cf (being driven from P) and assign shader onto nurbs plane (so i don't have to use the uvcoords), i'll see the perlin noise.

So? Well, when you want to animate the Y channel on the turbnoise1 with lets say a simple $T*2 or something, it doesn't animate at all during a render, the texture just stays static. If you manually put in different numbers and render, it'll offset the noise. But it won't even do anything keying in different values at different frames... just stays static. What am I missing here? :)

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did You set the animation on the paramter node or inside the vopnetwork? inside the vopnetwork this does not work it has to be on a parameter

Haha! Oh I'm bad :) I forgot to do that. All my other nodes (animated displacement had it etc.) and I skipped that one. :) thanks so much for the kick in the behind.. funny about houdini.. you get involved in vex coding, chops, exported channels.. and so on.. and you miss things like this =) hahaha! You guys are great! thanx!

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