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problem with the size of the volume fractions

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I use a shader for volumevop (this shader I took somewhere in this forum). If my object with shading greatly distant from the camera, it all turns out well.


But if I use it for larger objects (for example, through which the camera flies), then all the noise disappears.


Please help me to achieve the same noise c near the camera.

I have very little experience with shaders, please help me understand.


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Hi Ilya, try these things:

-Increase volume resolution (memory ^)

-Decrease Volume Step Size (probably little effect)

-Add noise in the shader

-Add displacement in the shader (more difficult but will look best)

I think there's some cloud files floating around on this forum that use multilayered noise (noise in a for loop). There's also the excellent pyroclastic thread:

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Macha, Thank you.

I use this shader:


But I don't get additional frequency like as metabolls or spheres. I multiply two additional noises, but i have only many noise fracture, not spheres.



I have photo example:


I need this form.

Please help me :)

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